ICYMI: New Podcasts are up

There’s new stuff for you to check out over at my sister project, Design:interviewed, also known as “the D.I. podcast” at dipodcast.com.

I’ve got a short interview with Francis Crisafio, a local artist talking about a couple of long-term projects he’s been documenting, such as the barber in Lawrenceville who cut hair in the neighborhood for 80 years.


I’ve got another short interview with Elizabeth Heidenreich and Betty Cruz, two women working with refugees and immigrants in the Pittsburgh area. It’s fascinating stuff, a population that you might not even know existed.


Maybe this is old news for you. If so, then thanks for liking my facebook page, and/or being subscribed to the podcast on iTunes.

If you’re not liked or subscribed, seriously, click those links. I’ve got a bunch of interviews in the can that you don’t want to miss. I’ll have a teaser up, previewing one of them within the week. The podcast is coming back in a big way.

Speaking of podcasts, I was asked to talk about some of the overlaps between theater and architecture for another podcast. Check out Theatre N’at for the episode I was on, and many others as well. Thanks to them for having me on!


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