rmb-design 2015 Year in Review

It’s that time of year again, time to reflect on the year that was. It’s actually about a week past that time of year, but such has been the way of 2015.  I managed to stay disciplined through 2012, 2013, and 2014, but I’ve fallen off the “once-a-week” wagon here at the end of 2015. I have good reasons; for instance, I’ve now passed three of my architectural exams, something I’ve been meaning to do for years now. And despite some loss of momentum at the end there, 2015 was still my best year yet with almost 6,500 views. That was mostly off the strength of my January Like Drive and brings my total up over 18,000 views over the life of this blog. Who knows if that’s good or not. My guess is, compared to some, it’s good, compared to most, it’s very bad. I might be done with the “views” milestone posts that I did. I feel like when I reach the next level, I’ll know it, and it will probably have to be something that … sigh … “goes viral”.

I usually start with the “Reader’s Choice Award”. This year, the post with the most WordPress Likes was:


My book review of The Wrong House. I’ll also give a nod to the post with the “most reach” on Facebook, which was:


My post about EQUIP Backpacks. I’m pretty pleased with both of those results. Nice job this year, readers.

I’ll also say here that the FB post with the second-most reach was when I shared a link that had cats in it.

Moving on: here are my top 5 posts of 2015. Disclaimer: I moved to the Bushwick theme at some point this year, and I’m mostly happy with it. I’m sad there’s no search function, but I think it otherwise holds up, and frankly the local search option usually sucks anyway, I just Google things. Anyway, point is that fully 1/3 of my pageviews this year were just of my homepage, where people can read the most recent couple of posts and never have to click on anything. That is to say, it’s impossible to say what posts were actually the most popular, since most people just come to the homepage, they don’t open individual posts. That said, this is a pretty good list and I can see why each one was popular.

5: Millvale Scavenger Hunt: Purple


This was a lot of fun, I think it’s about time to do another. I’m going to let Angela or Liam pick the theme next time, and when I do I’ll tweet/facebook it ahead of time, get The Crowd in in this action.

I forgot that I spent so many words explaining my nerdy process of sorting the photos.

4: Basement Renovation 07: Tile Floor

BR07_Ed Shearin'

Someday there will be reason to do another Basement Renovation post. Until then, get off my back, gosh.

3: Architects in Movies 03: (500) Days of Summer


I really enjoyed reading this one again. I like coming across things that I forgot I did, like go through and screenshot every one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ties for no reason. Or naming that picture of a sheared off tile up there “Ed Shearin'”. You know, that guy who sang that song with Taylor Swift and out-sharked a pool shark when he was in Pittsburgh. Anyway, I think I’m funny, at least.

2: Architectural Interiors: Byham Theater

Interiors_Byham Proscenium

This is another one that I’m happy to see so high up on the list. It’s one that I put a lot of time into, so it’s nice that people see some value in that.

1: Dealing with Rejection


Ew. I’m torn about this one. On the one hand, I had almost forgotten that I wrote it and maybe that would have been for the best. On the other hand, I had a lot of people contact me about this one and say that it was cool that I wrote about it. So I guess, I’m glad that it’s out there. Now stop looking at it plz thx.

This segues nicely into my “pet favorites” section, though. While this was a low point for total posts published on my blog, I did pretty well with writing for things outside. I still don’t have anything on Pittsburgh Articulate, but I did do a few things for I Heart PGH and the AIA, and I’d say my TweetCaps were in that same vein. All of those were well received, especially the write-up of the Vacant Home Tour. That post took a ton of energy, but I think it was totally worth it. And then at the other end of the spectrum, there’s my Architectural Math post, which is just silly. I’m glad I still do that; there are a few architectural blogs I follow that burned out on the funny, and I’m happy to carry the torch.


Sometimes I break out my resolutions as a separate post, but I don’t think I need to this year. This year, I want to focus on regular posts, but not necessarily weekly. I want to resurrect the podcast and start a new super-secret project, I think both of those are more “marketable” than a blog right now. So I’m looking to pare back the blog a bit quantity-wise and focus on the popular features and the interesting stuff I can dig deeper into. Here’s to a high-quality 2016!


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