Sketches 02

Yes, this is the second in a series of posts where I share sketches with you, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting such a series actually existed because it’s been 2 years since the first one. I’ve been trying to carve out a little bit of time each day to sketch, but I haven’t been trying very hard. I finally brought in some watercolor brushes so that I could experiment with coffee washes:

I also had an idea to start doing a “visual glossary” of architecture. To do that I would take a picture of a space like this:


And use typography to label the architectural components, like this:


The idea has potential, I think. It falls a little flat at the wall area, I might have to incorporate some shading or edit the areas that get the typographical treatment. I’m also wondering if it would be more clear if I picked one word per element to repeat (“beam beam beam”, instead of “beam”, “heavy timber”, “wood”, “structure”).

I’ll let you know in two years when I decide to draw something again.

We’re limping towards 200 posts here, I’m thinking I’ll just ignore that milestone. Or not. Check back in a couple weeks.

4 thoughts on “Sketches 02

  1. You know, I fiddled with coffee as a medium recently and could barely get any color. I don’t make weak coffee either! Did you do anything in particular to develop the stronger tones?

    • Just more washes. Those squares across the top, each one to the right has one more wash than the one next to it. That was done on a sketchbook with some thinner paper, though, so after about 5 or 6 washes the paper started to warp and deteriorate. I have a pad of proper 140lb cold press, but I don’t want to waste it on exercises and terrible compositions. So it will sit on my desk for 10 years.

  2. ray. These are awesome! I love the visual catalog, but love even more your b&w analysis! It is well executed in thought and craft and I look forward to seeing how you play with it as you explore the questions that you posed and others that you will discover. Well done!!


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