OPB – Vacant Home Tour Recap and others

You down with O.P.B.?

I just wrote the longest, loveliest, lean, I call it the leanest write-up of the Vacant Home Tour for I Heart PGH. You remember when I previewed it, right? Well I took the tour, then took a month to write about it. Big deal. It’s the internet, it’s not like everyone wants everything right this second, and forgets everything that happens the moment after it’s over.

I also wrote about that mural under the Fort Duquesne Bridge. I talked about that on the blog earlier, too. Well, it’s happening now and you can be a part of it at lunchtime all this week. There will also be some kind of event in the future where I’ll be there, under the bridge, talking about my project, if you you’re the one person who’s not sick of hearing about it already. Stay tuned for details on that event, mom.

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