#GAPpgh 2: The Squeakquel

I have a growing suspicion that “The Squeakquel” is funnier than “Electric Boogaloo” as a tag for sequel jokes. But that’s neither here nor there.

Maybe you remember my entry into the Young Architects Studio Competition in 2013. Or if you’re like me, you don’t. Either way, it’s going to be on display under the Fort Duquesne Bridge this summer. My dad always said that if I just kept on doing what I was doing, I’d wind up under a bridge someday*. And now, here I am.

Actually, all the entries to the YASC since 2012 are going to be on display, and we were given the opportunity to revise the layout and colors if we wanted. Here’s what it looked like two years ago:

YASC2013_02 Tube

My biggest regret about my entry two years ago was that I didn’t have a great eye-catching image. My entry was more text-heavy than it should have been. Well, it still is.


Frankly, there’s just not a whole lot I can do with the design as it is, and a redesign just wasn’t in my time budget over the last few weeks. But I was able to address a couple of other shortcomings. One was that I conceived of this entry as a kind of satire, but for as text-heavy as it was, it didn’t read like a joke. So I punched up some of the narrative to make the tongue-in-cheek-ness a little bit more obvious. Then I added a little bit of “director’s commentary” in pink bubbles, pop-up video style.

I should have used more clipart.

This is just one part of the revised entry, you can see the rest sometime this summer when it’s on display. You’ll know more when I do.

* my dad never said such things, and I’m not just saying that because he just subscribed to my blog last week.

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