Pittsburgh Photo Tour 06: Doors of Allegheny Cemetery

A few weeks ago I was in Allegheny Cemetery, taking a walk, as you do. The cemetery is a very popular place to run or walk your dog, but I hadn’t had the chance to walk through it. I can certainly see why it’s so beloved. It’s a great study in landscape. The hills rise, obscure, reveal as you move along the paths. I was daunted by the number of paths available, so when presented with a choice of direction, I went towards the nearest structure that had a door.






I took quite a few pictures, but the lighting conditions were challenging. I would describe the sun that day as “withering”. It wasn’t very hot, but very, very bright. Being as how I only have my cell phone camera and almost no skill or knowledge, I had a hard time taking pictures into the sun. I was further handicapped by my obsessive need to take pictures exactly straight on for someĀ reason. I guess it’s more architectural or whatever.



There’s also a school of deer that lives in the cemetery.



Fun! I put more and different pictures on my Instagram page @rmbarch, so check that out.


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