New Podcast: Storey Telling v01 LIVE

I’ve been super busy this week working to bringing together a mentorship event called Storey Telling:

Mentors share their experience with the next generation. Architects tell stories with their words and the forms they create. Storey Telling combines both, creating a way for mentees to connect with compatible mentors through personal experience. At every Storey Telling event, architects and designers share a short personal story on a theme. After, they are available to connect with mentees over drinks and light fare.

I had this idea towards the end of last year and was excited to follow through on it last night. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Young Architects Forum here in Pittsburgh and everyone else who decided to come out. I was even able to record it for my podcast. I’m really excited about it and I think everyone had great stories to share, even if you’re not a young architect. Go listen to it, it’s great!

Live events are really fun, I had a great time doing it and putting it together, and I got to play with some new toys (big speaker and mixing board). And people even pretended to give me their rapt attention!

At least until there was a giant cat to look at instead 😦

Give the podcast a listen, and when you find out you love it, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. There should be another episode up shortly, so keep an ear out for that. See you Monday.


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