Millvale Scavenger Hunt: Purple

This weekend it was warm enough to take a walk, so me, the wife, and the kid took advantage. We went for a walk around Millvale on a scavenger hunt, looking for all things purple. Here’s what we found.


You best be clickin’ for a bigger view, because it’s the biggest file I think I’ve ever uploaded to this blog. I ain’t wastin’ my storage for nothin’.

After looking at all of the pictures, I was inspired to try to arrange them like you see up there because of a game for your phone called Blendoku.  Look it up, it’s pretty fun. So here’s what I did:

  1. Brought all the photos in and formatted them in a square around the purple subject.
  2. Used the medicine dropper to pull out the dominant color.
  3. Created a “swatch” of each photo to make it easier to arrange. (here’s what it looked like after I brought them in to Photoshop at random:) SHPurple_GMprelim
  4. Arranged them as best I could.
  5. Turned off the swatch layer, decided it looked bad.
  6. Instead, used the swatch layer to colorize the original photo.

I’m a nerd.

Here are some of the original photos.


SHPurple_enjoy the ride








That duck is my newest favorite thing.

I’m going to post some of the other ones I took on twitter, so follow me @raybowman or look for the hashtags #scavengerhunt #purple and add your own from your neighborhood! After a while everything looks purple, so be prepared to get really sick of that color.

3 thoughts on “Millvale Scavenger Hunt: Purple

    • You got it. I was looking at that mural deciding which purple part to take a picture of and Angela says “you don’t want the duck?”. Like I didn’t want the duck.


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