Updates: Like Drive, Basement Renovation

Let’s start with the update to the basement, because that’s pretty easy to get out of the way:


It’s white now. There’s primer on the walls. I think that’s probably all the explanation necessary there.

In other news, the 2015 Like Drive was a success! Over on my facebook page I had been hovering around 40 likes for a long time. Now I’m up to close to 70, so that’s something. Here’s my “weekly Page update” from the week before my drive:


And here’s the one from after:


Big jumps in every statistical category, so thanks to everyone who shared, and to the rest of you who just tolerated it. If you could share the ones you love in the future, that would be cool. I want to get above 100 before I’m dead, or before facebook isn’t cool anymore, whichever comes first.

One problem I ran into was that I don’t really have a good way of directing people to my page. I got a pretty good reaction from the “greatest hits” I was posting. In fact, I had my best month ever when it comes to page views:


On the way to 1021 views


But then after reading the post I imagine most people would just go back to their timeline and keep on scrolling, probably without even realizing that I have a facebook page. So I think I need to have a byline at the bottom of my posts, maybe in a light gray so that people will mostly ignore it, but people looking for a way to get in touch don’t have to dig too far.

The other thing that I learned from this is just how easy it is to do more with social media. I have been using HootSuite as a dashboard for a while now but I hadn’t been taking advantage of their scheduling functionality. By doing more with that, I was able to pick out about 20 posts that I wanted to run throughout the weekend and schedule them to trickle out. It only took about a half hour to do that and I think it worked out pretty well. And nobody told me the shut the hell up. So I guess what I’m getting at is that there’s no good excuse for me to not just beg for likes constantly instead of intermittently.

That’s it for the blog this week. One thing I didn’t mention too much during my like drive was that I have a podcast, too. There should be an update on that sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Who peels their eyes? Like, with a vegetable peeler? *cringe*


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