rmb-design 2015 Look Ahead

Every year I make a few resolutions, and every year I accomplish a bunch of other goals instead. I think it’s because I make goals without necessarily having a plan to accomplish them. So this year my goals will be similar to last year’s, but this year I have a plan.

  • Last year I said I wanted to “do a better job of self-promotion. I don’t really know what this means and I don’t really know how to do it without annoying people.” This year I’m just going to annoy people. I’ve mentioned here before how much I like podcasts like This American Life and Serial, and both of those depend on membership campaigns. Everyone agrees those are annoying, but TAL and Serial only bug you for like one week out of the year and then they hush up about it. So for a little bit this month I’m going to bother people on facebook, then hush up after a week or until I have no friends left, whichever comes first.
  • This year I want to be a little better organized with my posts. To this end, I’ve started up a calendar of things I want to write about. Hopefully this will keep me looking ahead, and I’ll be able to be a bit more topical, because I tend to forget about holidays until they’re over. And maybe I can be a bit more consistent with the regular features, instead of bunching them up and spreading them out too far.
  • I know I’m late to the Throwback Thursday party, but I’m going to start reposting some of my old entries every few weeks. Not so often as to be irritating, but I have a big backlog now, and hopefully I’ll have some new readers that don’t want to read every post. Maybe you’ll catch something you missed, who knows.

And that’s it. Nothing too ambitious, but I think if I can stay consistent with those two things then I can build from there.


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