rmb-design 2014 Year in Review

It’s the end of the year, time for everyone to look back and see what all happened. This is post #53 for this year, #168 all-time, marking a third year of weekly content. Early on in this new year I want to get some things straightened out and get back on a more regular schedule, but that’s looking ahead. Let’s look back a minute.

You might remember that I hit the 10,000 views mark this year. Perhaps it wouldn’t surprise you then that 2014 was my best year ever. In fact (according to wordpress data), it was better than my first two years combined. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen, and tell a friend, we can do it again in 2015. Digging a little deeper, 64% of my views come from the US. Curiously, it’s Brazil that’s #2, followed by the UK, Canada and Germany.

Let’s start with the Reader’s Choice Award for this year, which I determine by which post got the most “likes”. The dark horse winner this year is the Pittsburgh Photo (mini) Tour, the one with the views from 600 Grant, with 8 likes.


I’m a little surprised by this. Another oddity is that while views are way up, comments and likes are lower than they were last year.

And now the Top 4 most popular posts of this year!

#4: If Architects Designed Board Games – Monopoly (183 views in 2014)

Architecture Monopoly_Title

This was one of the first posts of 2014, and it got a little bit of traction in the office that I work it. It’s probably the post that I got the most people coming up to me and saying, “that was funny”. I have yet to revisit the Board Games series because, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m not convinced I can write one that’s better than Monopoly.

#3: Pittsburgh Aquaponics – Building Tour (185 views in 2014)

PA Tour_main system

This one got a lot of views because the good people at Pittsburgh Aquaponics found out that I wrote about them and linked to it from their site. In fact, their site was responsible for the second-most referrals to the blog this year. I’ve gotten a good response to posts like this (such as the tour of TechShop) so expect more in the future.

#2: 4 DIY Furniture Hacks (230 views in 2014)

DIY Furn_CMU Table

I still really like this post. Something fun maybe you didn’t notice: there’s a little rat hidden in each picture. Go back and read it, this one holds up. Last year I had a big hit with my rant about advice for millennials, and both topics bring me right to the border of making me too angry to be funny.

#1: Winter Olympics 2014 – Hockey Sweaters (325 views in 2014)

Hockey Sweaters 2014

I’m really happy this one made it to the top of the list because it was one of the more time-consuming posts I’ve ever written. I had a blast with it, too, going back and forth with my collaborator on this one, determining the criteria, finding all the sweaters, rating them all, trying to put some words to it. My takeaways from this one is that collaborations are fun, and I need to do more topical posts.

* * * * *

That’s it for the one’s that you all made popular. First Honorable Mention goes to the Architects in Movies series of posts, which are among the most consistently popular; taken together, they would have reached #2 on the list. I have another one of those coming up soon, so keep a look out for that.

And of course, I have some pet favorites that didn’t even come close to making the list, like the one about the now-defunct 43rd St Bridge, and my wish list for Pharrell Williams keynotes, and my failed hashtag, #architectureislike. Maybe next year. Until then, thanks again for visiting, and if there’s anything you want to see more of in 2015, let me know in the comments.

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