Pittsburgh Photo (mini) Tour 05: view from 600 Grant

I had some business in the USX Building, er, the U.S. Steel Tower. You know, the one with UPMC on the top, at 600 Grant Ave. It’s the tallest building in Pittsburgh but I was only about halfway up. Anyway, I snapped a few photos that I thought I’d share.


That’s the third-tallest building, One PPG Place, in the distance, with the Tower at PNC Plaza in between, which will be the seventh-tallest building when it is completed. Among the other buildings visible are 525 William Penn Place (to the left) and the Alcoa Building, now known as the Regional Enterprise Tower in the foreground (the one that Microsoft ICE had a little trouble resolving). That’s where my grandad used to work!


And the view out the other side, which includes Koppers Tower (left) and the Gulf Tower (center-ish). Regular readers have probably already read my write-up from when I visited the Koppers Tower on my downtown walking tour, which you should go read if you missed it or just want a refresher.

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