2014 Basement Renovation 02 – Prep

Spoiler alert: titling this series of posts “2014 Basement Renovation” might have been ambitious.

BR02_Prep work

My draft schedule called for us to be done framing as of today and obviously that hasn’t happened. The holidays always create a mirage of free time which evaporates as soon as you get close. For example, I took Friday off thinking I might get some work done in the basement, but then instead I ended up seeing Gone Girl, Interstellar, Nightcrawler, and a stage production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Crazy how the dance card fills up.

So I’m not where I’d like to be, but I am moving ahead. If you have a keen eye you might notice that the old hideous tile has been pulled up to expose the old hideous concrete. Ultimately we plan to float a wood floor throughout (I’m hoping to snag a deal at Lumber Liquidators when they have their annual sale in April), but for right now we are leaving the concrete exposed. Also, the old powder room walls have been brought down. I was able to salvage a few 2x4s (pictured), but not enough to save me a trip back to Home Depot.

You’ll also notice that the back wall has been painted. It does look a lot nicer but the main purpose of this special paint is to help prevent water infiltration along the back wall. After all, that’s what got us into this mess in the first place. Ideally, we would have dug up the back yard, waterproofed and insulated the exterior of the foundation wall and installed some new drainage. But that wasn’t in our budget, and the grading in the back yard was working until the gutters failed. So in addition to keeping a better eye on the gutters and addressing failures sooner, we are also trying out a product that claims to be able to waterproof a foundation from the interior. That product is called DryLok and it’s supposed to keep out a wall of water 20 feet high or something. I’m cautiously optimistic, mostly because we are using this product as more of a last line of defense than anything else.

When I bought my materials, I planned on being able to re-use the furring strips that were on this back wall. However, most of these were destroyed when we pulled them off. Also, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to create this waterproof barrier and then puncture it in a million places by attaching furring strips. So in addition to a few more 2x4s to build the new powder room walls, I also need to pick up some 2x material to build a whole new wall in front of that back wall so that it can be attached at the floor and ceiling. Hopefully that will make more sense when you see it next Monday (lol).

That’s it for this week, we’ll see what I can get done over the next four between now and New Year’s Eve.

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