Maggie’s Centres at the CMoA

There is an exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art called Maggie’s Centres: A Blueprint for Cancer Care. I wrote a review of the exhibit for AIA Pittsburgh and you should read it. There is some drama about this article that I will talk about later once it all gets sorted out. Until then, I guess I’m just giving you a homework assignment.

While you’re reading about Maggie’s Centres, you should also check out the companion piece written by fellow Pittsburgh blogger Vince DeFazio. His article deals more with the lecture by Charles Jencks and our articles complement each other nicely. Check out his blog, too. Why not. It’s almost Thanksgiving, we’ve all got time to read.

And the last little bit of news I have to share is that I was recently re-elected to the position of Secretary of the Young Architects Forum. I also expect to take on the additional responsibility of serving on the AIA Board. I’m excited to see what I can do there, so hopefully I’ll have more to say on that after the first board meeting in January.

I need a new headshot.

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