2014 Basement Renovation 01 – Demolition

My updates have been a little less regular than usual. I’ve been doing a lot of reading (more on that later) and writing (more on that later). I’ve also been working to turn my basement from this:


into this:

BR01_After Demo

As you can see, I’ve taken all the opaque finishes off of the powder room walls and moved the toilet into the living area as a commentary on the illusion of privacy in the modern (digital) age. I’ve turned the sink into a piece of functional sculpture, with a wink and a nod to Marcel Duchamp. I’ve removed the bar because I’ll sip no more the devil’s drink, nor will any person in my charge.

lol jk, that’s just the demo. I want to re-use as much of the existing framing as possible (which is why the walls are still there), but other than that all of the demo is done. Expect a few more updates on this between now and the expected occupancy date (New Year’s Eve). I’ll try to only post about the renovation when there are interesting things to post about but I make no guarantees.

P.S.: Check back soon, I hope to have an exciting announcement later in the week.

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