Warning Labels 02

Regular readers of the blog may remember that I love it when the limits of pictograms are tested. Part of my job is reviewing installation instructions for various products which helps me (and ultimately the contractor) out during detailing and construction. These installation instructions have pictograms that are meant to be helpful. Some are less helpful than others. Here’s one I found recently and I’m not confident my interpretation is 100% accurate.


Use your powers of telekinetic destruction to explode your wand into its atomic parts.

Pierce an effigy of a hurricane to anger the Spirit of the Wind.

Vanquish the displeased spirit with a wave of your wand and the following incantation: Who namy droas stum a nam klaw dwon.

Bring your wand back together in a display of authority. Accept offerings and sacrifices with dignity and grace.

Like I said, not super convinced that I got that one right. But that’s what I put in the spec so I hope I am at least close. As always, if you come across any hilarious pictograms feel free to send them my way for captioning.


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