Last week I tried to start a social media movement and get people to come up with things that architecture reminds them of. Wouldn’t you know it, Twitter disappointed me once again. But the people who did play made it awesome and I came up with a few more good ones myself, so here is everything from the #architectureislike. If you can think of any more and want to try and bring it back, well, knock yourself out.

^ A bunch of people who were too cool to play along. Here are some of their way more interesting tweets from that day:

Nice of him to put the ellipses right at the point where I stopped paying attention anyway.


He also tweeted 4 times about his own podcast, so maybe he “technically” only gets one bone to throw per day.

I guess if I want a RT from this guy I have to join his shaved head club.

Alright, back to the tweets that were actually entertaining. #notbitter

Just so nobody felt left out.

Thanks again to everyone who played along!

I still think this has potential, so if you have more followers than me and want to take this idea and pretend it was yours two weeks later, that’s just fine with me. Wouldn’t be the first time. #stillnotbitter

4 thoughts on “#ArchitectureIsLike

    • Your account has probably been hacked by now anyway. Plus, Angela made a Twitter account just to post for this, but then her account got suspended because Twitter thought she was a spammer. Pretty sure Twitter is just not my medium.


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