Summertime (Sadness) Bouquet 2014

Today is the unofficial start of my summer because my stepson just left to spend the next few weeks with his real dad. So, while I adjust to my summer schedule (AKA, writing blog posts on Sundays instead of Mondays, because Monday is movie night now), here is a bouquet of ideas that I picked for you. They don’t have their own post yet.

It’s hot out, hot enough to make an architect want to quit their job and make ice cream sandwiches for a living. I bet you I could be the first one to do it, then I would be featured on NPR and become a millionaire!

Damn it. []

Lana Del Rey is the best and I feel really sorry for everyone who goes out of their way to hate on her. They’re really missing out.

LDR on the C of RS

Two weeks of cat pictures in a row! Unprecedented! I don’t mind admitting that I am pandering to the coveted cat demographic. Cats all over the place are walking across keyboards in search of my blog, or at least that’s the only explanation I have for this search term that referred someone to my site today:

[[[]]jjk”” ][[;waaa

Here is a Yelp review that someone would write if they didn’t understand how energy is lost through windows:

“I paid several THOUSAND dollars for some brand new windows and they arrived THERMALLY BROKEN. wen I called customer service they told me it was SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY and REFUSED to REPLACE them!!!!!!!! I will never buy a window from these people again. one star”

My friend was looking for door and window details all day and he inspired that review. He also discovered the best door finish of all time:

Summer2014_Croc Nuts

If you’re going to use Croc Nuts on your door, it’s best to locate them right under the croc knob.

If you were to take out every finish that sounds like it could be a double-entendre, you would be left with “Oak”.


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