New Podcast Interview

Monday came and went without a post because I was hard at work putting together a new podcast, this one with Jen Bee. She’s a woman! I’m progressive! There are two women on it, actually, and both of them are presenting at PechaKucha vol 18, which is tonight.

It’s up over at the D:i Podcast website, just in time. Go have a listen, and come to PKN at Bricolage Theater tonight (that’s July 17) if you are able. And subscribe to the podcast already, gosh. (link opens in iTunes)

And here’s a giant terrifying cat building for no other reason other than that nobody will read a post that doesn’t have a picture attached.

Is that curved titanium at the sides? Frank Gehry, have you been moonlighting designing cathouses? Are cathouses a thing? Should I Google “cathouse” at work?



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