Pittsburgh Photo Tour 03: The World Through My Sunroof

My car has a sunroof but I never was sold on the value of it. It wasn’t a selling point for me. When am I going to need to see through the roof? I don’t do much driving down the Las Vegas strip, and thus have almost no need to be able to open the roof to allow debutante passengers to stand up and drink champagne and “woo”. But then came a day on a long road trip, Angela was driving and I leaned the seat back for a nap. When I woke up I was looking through the sunroof at some little fluffy clouds.

Driving underneath them and watching them drift above me in my delirious state, that’s what sold me on sunroofs. Since then, when I’m otherwise idle at a stoplight, I’ll look through the sunroof and be amazed at how the surrounding buildings, skies and landscapes are framed through my sunroof. Sometimes I just take them in, sometimes I’ll be compelled to snap a picture of them. Here are a few. Go ahead and let that Orb track roll while you scroll through, it definitely adds to the ambiance.

Reverse Skyline

This has been shown in another one of my tours, but it deserves another look. I was really taken with this view, much to the annoyance of the driver behind me. I like how the building to the left stands stark and proud against the sky while the building to the right (Oxford Center) seems to try to fade into it.

PT03_Downtown 01

Something about the placement of the American Flag struck me as odd, on a private terrace 3 stories above the public sidewalk. I also think that a common interest I share in all these pictures is the figure-ground between the building and the sky, the way even a simple building like this makes a pleasing line against the blue.

PT03_PennFifth Church

I drive by this church every day, but looking at it not only through the sunroof but through the ripples of water from a gentle rain made it seem new, in an old-timey kind of way. This might be how someone in a carriage with primitive glass windows might have seen this church while riding by.

PT03_Downtown 02

This picture is a nice metaphor for the city of Pittsburgh, with the modern world squaring off against the old, competing but also coexisting, with “green” aspects, so long ignored in this steel town, creeping back in to dominate the composition.

That’s all I got for you today. Drive safe!


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