I’ve been fairly out of it for the last few days, recovering from a reasonably serious illness, so I don’t have much of  a post for today. On the plus side, the Penguins are now 2-0 and through one playoff series since I started being treated for Lyme disease, so in the spirit of extending the streak I’m suspending my antibiotics and covering myself in ticks, because it’s the Cup. If the heart palpitations don’t kill me first, I’ll see you in the Stanley Cup Final.

Until then, you may have heard the famous quote, “If the roof doesn’t leak, the architect hasn’t been creative enough“. Well, here’s one of the most creative roofs I’ve ever seen:

Roof Fail - Evergreen

I’m officially giving up on ever being able to work that picture into any other post. gg, CBJ. Rags next, please.


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