Pecha Kucha Night, vol. 17

This last weekend was huge for me. As you know, I run a podcast where I do long-format interviews with local designers. Last month I announced the start of the new season, and this month I have a very timely show for you.

I’ve mentioned Pecha Kucha Night before as well, I’ve even posted a couple of videos of my talks. Well, last week I got an advance list of the presenters and talked with a bunch of them to create a podcast guaranteed to get you excited for this week’s PKN. I spent hours and hours last week talking with five (fully half) of the presenters, and then more hours and hours this weekend editing them down so they’d fit into 60 action-packed minutes of podcast glory. Listen to it here.

Pecha Kucha Night, Pittsburgh, vol 17
Thursday, April 3, 2014 (that’s this week)
Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room
Doors open at 7:20, admission is $20 ($15 for AIA/AIGA members)
Admission includes drinks and snacks
More details at the AIA webpage, or check the PKN Facebook page

I will be there, possibly even taking your money and/or serving said drinks. Probably pleading with people to listen to the podcast on iTunes (link opens in iTunes). Please come, it’s always a good time and these presentations sound amazing. Oh, and since nobody ever reads anything unless there is a picture, here is a picture of a cat:

That cat belongs to one of the presenters, but who? Find out who on Thursday!*

*you might not find out on Thursday, but you might find out by clicking on the picture.**

**just kidding that’s the cat noise


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