Introducing Season 2 of the D:i Podcast

After a brief hiatus I’m ready to go with another season of Design:interviewed, my passion project over at If you don’t know or have forgotten, the D:i Podcast is where I sit down and do a long-format conversation with an area architect and get their story. But Season 2 starts with a twist beginning! I interview a graphic designer instead of an architect. It’s hopefully the start of a full season with greater variety in the guests. It’s not called Architect:interviewed, after all.

My guest to start the second season is Rick Landesberg. Here he is doing a great talk from when TEDx came through town in 2009.

Listen to the full hour with Rick on the podcast website, complete with links and other fun stuff. And catch up on last season if there are any episodes that you missed.

You may notice that the web player is small and wonky, and won’t let you see the timestamp, and does other annoying things. Well, all those problems would be a thing of the past if you were to go subscribe on iTunes (link opens in iTunes). While you’re there please rate and review the show, that will help me out in the search results and such.

And while we are on the subject of reviews, if you have any suggestions for the podcast (or the blog for that matter), go ahead and leave them in the comments. If you don’t have any suggestions I think it’s safe to assume that you think both are perfect. In that case you should be telling all your friends.


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