Interlude: a pair of pairs

I have a couple of posts I’m working on, but for one the timing isn’t quite right, and the other isn’t yet ready for the world. For right now I’ve got a pair of paired readings to share.

The first pair: Design Observer has put up a couple of good essays that ask some hard questions. There’s one that looks at TED Talks and wonders if we can trust capitalism to deliver on all of the promises of the TED Talkers. The other uses Hale County, Alabama as a case study to look at the real-world results of design with the explicit goal of social impact.

The second pair: A couple of my friends have painted a picture of what the architecture profession might look like in 20 years, one by Sean Sheffler, the other by Nicole Graycar. They both acknowledge the potential of the profession while also addressing the concerns they have. It’s great to see some honest thoughts about the profession; there may be hope for the future of architecture yet.

Enjoy those, and get ready for some Olympic talk next week.


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