New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Last year I made a list of New Year’s resolutions for the blog, five in total. Here’s how they turned out: Complete Failure, Success, Success, Neutral, Success. As the great Meat Loaf once sang, “Three out of Five ain’t bad”. That’s before he rewrote that song to be more concise. Here’s how that chorus went before the re-write:

I want you
I need you
But there ain’t no way that I’m ever gonna love you
And your feet are straight up nasty
Bangin’ ass, tho
For real, yo
So don’t be sad
‘Cause three out of five ain’t bad

Honestly, Meat Loaf could have probably made that one into a classic. O, what might have been. Just for a minute, try to imagine Meat Loaf belting out “Bangin’ ass” while a gospel choir backs him up with “For real, yo”. Anyway. More resolutions!

  • New theme, again. “Oulipo” is pretty good, but certain things are annoying. The first line being all caps and small is not the best, since I tend to refer to any links up at the top and they look extra terrible in tiny caps. So if you refresh my page constantly between now and next week you might see some themes I’m trying out, and you might send my page views to the moon, Alice.
  • Do a better job of self-promotion. I don’t really know what this means and I don’t really know how to do it without annoying people. My entire life is predicated on not annoying people, so I’m going to need to overcome that and start putting business cards in their mouth and flooding their news feed with links to my blog.
  • Write more for outside sources. I’ve written for the AIA and I’ve written a guest post for another local blog, and both of those were a lot of fun. I want to try and seek out other writing opportunities this year since I think it’s a strong suit of mine and it will also help to broaden my audience.
  • This last one is less a resolution and more of a musing. For two years now all of my blog posts have represented a pretty consistent amount of effort. Some posts are easier to write than others (“nightstand” posts generally represent a week where I’m feeling otherwise uninspired), but in general they’re all similar in length and depth. I’m wondering if it might be more interesting or valuable to the audience to instead, on a monthly basis, do three shorter posts and then a long post representing a higher level of research and craft. I think that would be better for me, at least; this blog has been great for breaking the ice and getting me to write consistently, it only makes sense that I would leverage it to take my writing to the next level. Just a thought.

That’s all I got. Now would be an especially opportune time to let me know what you love and hate about the blog, what you’d like to see more or less of. Otherwise, thanks for reading, enjoy your sauerkraut and go make some resolutions of your own.

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