rmb-design 2013 Year in Review

2013 is coming to a close, as is my second year of blogging. This year marks two consecutive years of consistent weekly content, so for those of you who look forward to it, you’re welcome. And for those of you wishing I’d knock it off, you should get a hobby. This will be post #115, which means there’s been some bonus posts in there somewhere. And this isn’t even including all of the great stuff I’ve done over at the D:i Podcast! I’m basically the best, and here are the top 4 most popular posts from this year to prove it. Go tell your friends.

7. Before and After: February 2013 House Work (82 views in 2013) This is a really boring post except I announced my engagement at the end of it, which probably explains its popularity. The second-biggest takeaway from this article is that wood-screws that don’t self tap are worthless. The third-biggest takeaway from this post is that maybe I should pre-drill my holes.

6. Washington D.C. – AIA Convention (92)Why would a Top 4 list start at 7? Because two of the top seven (and four of the top 10) are ones that I wrote last year …

5. And the other one in the top seven is my About page for some reason. I guess if 101 people are going to look at that page ever year I should make it suck less. Here’s how much I care about my About page: still references my “girlfriend”. After 1 year that’s an oversight, after 2 years that’s suspicious and potentially incriminating.

4. Happy 20th Birthday, Heinz Architectural Center! (119) What’s not to like about cake and architecture, together as one for the first time in history? Wait, it wasn’t a historical first? Well try telling that to the several thousand people who flew in just for the occasion. Follow-up: The YAF cake won people’s choice, and the prize was a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum for the winning team. I got to go despite the fact that I didn’t do a single thing on that cake, so a belated thanks to whoever couldn’t make it that day. Anyway, I have a super-awesome picture of a place where you can see what was formerly the outside wall of the building from a machine room. Turns out that photo is on my old phone, so until I decide to get on there and grab it, here’s a picture I took of an old man getting into a Cookie Monster costume at 7am in Las Vegas.

Cookie Monster

3. Aquaponics – Garden Table (written in 2012, 126 views in 2013) Dear everyone who arrives at this blog looking for a trove of information about aquaponics: sorry. People keep asking me whats going on with “the fish thing”, and I always answer their question with a question: How’s that screenplay coming? Huh? How about the next great American novel? Sucks when dreams die, doesn’t it? Ew, go cry somewhere else.

2. Robert and Me: My Life as an Architect’s Wife, by Anonymous (185) This might be my favorite thing that I’ve ever written ever. It also might be the only good thing that’s ever come from reading any comments section. I read the comments on a story about Denise Scott Brown, furious with all the misogynistic comments (intentional and not), when the idea for this post popped into my head. I wrote and made the pictures for this post in about 2 hours immediately following that thought; I felt more creatively inspired writing this post than I have in probably several years. I still think it’s great, in fact I think it’s a nearly perfect piece of satire for its length. That’s saying something coming from me because I am my own worst critic and I don’t think anything is good, least of all anything I make. Writing this also illuminated for me a niche that I hope to explore more this coming year, which is architecture as a vehicle for satire. I touched on this a bit already with my entry for the Young Architects Studio Competition, and hopefully that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Unsolicited Condescending Advice for Millenials (371). At the end of the day it’s not even close, this was far and away the most popular post of the year. This was another “inspired” post that I got the idea for during my lunchtime reading and I wrote a lot of the first draft in a rage-haze. Then I sat on it for about a month before revisiting it and finally posting it, which was a good move. It’s borderline too snarky as it is, and I think if I had posted my raw first-go then I would have just sounded like a whiner.

Top Commenter 2013 is again pennyparsnip, and this time she doesn’t have to share the crown. Everyone else: pitiful showing. Just shameful. Penny showed up in a tasteful evening gown with understated silver jewelry and the rest ah y’all came to the party in mustard-stained pajama bottoms and Crocs.

The Reader’s Choice Award 2013 (based on number of ‘likes’) goes to the first installment of Pittsburgh Photo Tour. If I really wanted more page views and likes, I think I’d need to write a Travel Cooking Wedding Photojournal, those seem to be my most popular topics.

And now we close 2013 with an obituary as we bid a fond farewell to the wildly popular blog fixture “Guess This Fake Architect”. GTFA has been bedridden since March, kept alive only by those fleeting moments where I’d think to myself “oh yeah, those are fun, I should do another one sometime”. Alas, I never did, and now I never will again. I have a few more ideas, but none are as good as ones past (and even some of those were questionable), so I’m choosing to give this feature the honorable end that it deserves. May it rest in peace.

* gunshot *

Well now that that nasty business is taken care of, let’s enjoy the holidays. Check back next week and every Monday in 2014, I’m excited to keep on blogging and I hope you’re excited to keep on reading.

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