Technology & Architecture Part 2: #MAPpgh

If you’ll remember about two months ago I talked about my entry into the Young Architect’s Studio Competition. I developed a similar idea simultaneously, an app to exploit the existing public staircases in Pittsburgh. Behold, in all its video glory:

* I haven’t watched this yet because I hate watching myself. I also hate listening to myself, which may be why I put off editing my podcasts for so long.

So you see, I’m not some kind of luddite railing against social media and technology. I just think most “social” apps are formulaic fluff that make it easy to ignore the rest of the world. It’s a matter of responsibility, on the part of the designer and the user. I want to see designers putting more thought into how their apps would have us engage with the environment, and I would have the user think about how and when they are using their social apps.

2 thoughts on “Technology & Architecture Part 2: #MAPpgh

  1. Are you a person who takes a video at a concert? What happens when you show it to your friends? Do you have to preface it with an awkward retelling of the hilarious stage banter that you missed because your phone wasn’t on yet? Are you convincing anyone they should have been there with video that looks like a Cloverfield outtake and audio so peaked the song sounds like a slow-motion underwater car crash? If this person cared, wouldn’t they have been there in the first place? Do they politely nod for 30 seconds and then say, “looks awesome man, should have been there?” Do you let the video play for 5 more agonizing minutes anyway? You’re a dick.


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