Design Pittsburgh 2013 Events

Design Pittsburgh 2013 kicks off on Friday, September 27th at the Cultural Trust’s Education Center at 805 Liberty Avenue. On that day, in addition to the gallery crawl you might already be going to, you can see the entries for the design awards, including the entries for the Young Architects Studio Competition. I have an entry titled “#GAPpgh which explores our collective fascination with social media and how that affects the way we experience the world. I’ll be writing a full post about it some day soon, but if you want to see the board IRL you’ll have to head downtown on Friday.

Also, I’ll be presenting at PechaKucha on October 17th (the day before my wedding). My PKN contribution sort of ties in with my YASC entry, which was TOTALLY PLANNED*.

*not really

Here’s a link to those and all of the other events for Design Pittsburgh.

And finally there is a new D:i Podcast that says all of that and has an interview with a Honolulu architect. This one’s short, check it out.

Self promotion over. Regularly scheduled programming resumes on Monday.


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