Blog Milestones – 100 posts, 5,000 views

Every now and then I like to get a little meta and talk about my blog on my blog, usually at the end of the year or at some kind of milestone. Oddly enough these two milestones coincided on the same week, which is a little weird when you think about it at first, and then not weird at all if you think about it for longer than a few seconds. I mean, it’s probably just as unlikely for me to have 8,513 views after 131 posts, but those aren’t easy-to-understand round numbers, so I’m going to continue being impressed with 100/5,000 as my arbitrary milestone numbers.

Here are the raw numbers. I put the numbers from the last milestone, 1,000 views, in parentheses.

5000 views_map

Most views in a day: 263 (50)

Views per day average: 8 (4)

Share of views from the US: 73.2% (76.8%)

Next most popular countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, India (Singapore, Canada, Thailand, UK, Australia). I’m broadening my international appeal on the whole, but I’m losing my footing in the Far East!

Total number of countries represented: 77 (22). Conspicuously absent: China. I assume I’m banned in China for my scathing critique of their empty cities.

Favorite country on the list: Brunei Darussalam. Did not know that was a place. Second favorite: Azerbaijan. No joke, I want to visit this country, it sounds like fun. Hey, one of the 7 people from Azerbaijan, come back and let me know if I should visit and what I should do there.

Area for improvement: Scandinavia. I don’t have a good reason, I just think I should be more popular in Scandinavia. I have only 4 visits from Sweden and 2 from Finland, and not a single visit from Norway.

Most popular post: Unsolicited Condescending Advice for Millennials, by a country mile. And to think I thought it was too angsty to publish.

Notable runners up: Robert and Me. This makes me happy since it’s probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever done for this blog. Also worth noting, all my posts from the AIA Convention in DC are all more popular than my posts from Denver. Maybe everybody read the abbreviated Viewpoint on the AIA Pittsburgh website instead?

What’s missing from the numbers above are the intangible aspects. For example, last week I was able to do a guest post for another local group and I’m able to contribute to the AIA website. Beyond networking, I think writing does a lot to keep me focused creatively. Writing outright satirical articles such as Millennials and Robert and Me has helped me to find my voice; I probably wouldn’t be doing things like PKN and entering the Young Architects Studio Competition (more on that later) if I wasn’t writing. If I were focused on numbers, I’d probably just get discouraged. It bothers me just a little that when I have massive spikes in traffic from popular posts:

5000 views_graph

… it just serves to remind me that nobody is reading my blog the rest of the time. But ultimately I’m totally OK with this. I don’t do SEO, I don’t pick fights with popular people or things for the sake of traffic, and my social media “strategy” is mostly based around making it easy for people to efficiently ignore me. So thank you, small but dedicated group of readers, for coming along for the first 100 posts, before I sold out. I’ll miss you when you abandon me for going mainstream in 3, 2, now

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9. Doesn’t care that you are ALLERGIC to CIGARETTES!

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