Pittsburgh Photo Tour 01: Misc

You may have figured out that this is not a photo blog. I take bad pictures, mostly using the bad camera on my bad phone. But sometimes I get lucky, and the rest of the times I have Photoshop. I’ve been collecting pictures here and there for a while, so from time to time I’ll put together a post with them. Sometimes I’ll group them together with a theme or location, but for the most part I expect them to be like this, pictures from here and there scrapbooked together into the odd post. I’m going to try and stay away from the pictures you’ve seen a million times and show more unique stuff. Such as …

Reverse Skyline

Downtown Pittsburgh is a mixture of old and new. This picture is taken through my sunroof at the corner of Cherry Way and 4th Avenue. The building on the right is One Oxford Center. In plan it is designed as 4 intersecting octagons, because the architects misread the design brief as “One Octford Center”. Terrible, terrible joke. Actually, it was designed like that to maximize the number of corner offices. Now, from what I understand about economics, the more of a thing there is, the less valuable that thing becomes. Thus, HOK’s design makes all those corner offices pretty much worthless. Here’s my sketch for the most valuable corner office ever:

Valuable Corner Sketch

There, conceptual design for “One Ostrichford Center”. You know who to call when you want to get serious about corner offices.

ParkAt first blush this looks like just a poorly framed picture of Pittsburgh’s famous skyline. Well, it is. But for a reason! In the foreground you can see a park, which is where I played flag football from time to time last fall. Behind me are a few residences that are in bad shape, and a few that have been recently renovated. I thought it was unique to Pittsburgh that on this buildable land with this great view, there’s just a crappy football field. I mean that literally. There was dog crap everywhere.

Frank BryanI don’t really know anything about Frank Bryan, but I do know I was bored in traffic and thought this was a cool picture.

Fav ViewAlright, that’s one of my favorite views in Pittsburgh. I’m not exactly sure what I like about it so much. I think it’s great how the road just kind of ends at the house, and it drops off like a cliff afterwards. Then there is this gap before you see the other structures in the distance. I always thought it was that lack of middle ground that made this view interesting to me, but then I found this view’s evil twin:

Fav View evil twinIt’s sort of the same. I like it less, but the first time I saw it I got the same kind of feeling as the other view. Maybe it’s more about the road terminating into a house than anything else. Maybe it’s about the spaces to either side of the houses, and not about the house at all. Maybe I should stop taking pictures while driving. Who really knows?

That does it for this week. If you have cool “less traveled” pictures of Pittsburgh, don’t start your own blog. Give them to me.

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