4 More Architectural Trends

I’m still not a big fan of ArchDaily for all the same reasons as last time. But for trendspotting, there is none better. All of the following projects were referenced on ArchDaily in the month of March 2013.

I’m not worried about any ArchDaily readers who might criticize me for posting an enormous quantity of superficially similar images with almost no context and even less critical thought. They all choked on the irony.

If this post seems extra-snarky, I’m going to blame all the Randy Newman I’ve been listening to. Oh, and if I’ve missed any trends, let me know in the comments. A few sources would be nice.

Disclaimer: These are strictly surface comparisons based on visual style. I’m not saying that they are good or bad, only that they’re there.

House-Shaped Houses

1303 Trends - House Shape

These houses are shaped like the typical house a child might draw. Do you think houses are shaped like houses just because that’s the way we’ve always done it, or because it’s a structurally efficient means of protecting you from the elements?

Big Creases

1303 Trends - Big Crease

This is like if wonky planes had a slightly hotter sister. I read once that men are able to assign human traits such as “hot” and “sexy” to inanimate objects because they have more white matter in their brains.

“Too Cool” Houses

1303 Trends - Too Cool

If these houses were people they’d ride a fixed-gear bicycle and tell you about how they used to be into things like “windows”, too, but then they got into locally grown organic cladding materials.


1303 Trends - Slats

Slats! Slats! Slats! Slats slats slats! Slats! Slats! Slats slats slats! Slats! Slats! Slats slats slats! Everybody!

If you ain’t building slats then get the fu*k out the firm. Now where my archi-holics let me see yo’ hands up!

You know, like that LMFAO song (NSFW). Yeah, alright, that’s enough.

So, based on the criteria above, I award “Building of the Month” To House S by becker architekten:

Building of the Month - March 2013

Congratulations, House S. You were one “big crease” away from blowing everybody’s mind.

Bonus Trend: You got ground on my roof! You got roof on my ground!

1303 Trends - Roof like Ground

Oh, you made it so you can walk on the roof? Pretty sneaky, sis!

That’s two bonus references I don’t even get.

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