Guess this fake architect, vol. 6

It’s time for another volume of Guess This Fake Architect! There’s a link to all the others just below if you feel like catching up. The answer is just after the photo (so scroll carefully), and remember, save the underlined citations for last if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Guess these (earlier) fake architects

This fake architect and his firm were hugely influential in the creation of “alternative architectural theory“, and are well known for their hit buildings in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

This fake architect is well known in the profession for his published work on architectural theory, which considers the greater organization of the city. The first major publication to this end was “(Delerious) Rockville“, a celebration of the “chance-like” nature of city life in metropolises such as Rockville, MD. His following book, S MTV XL, was a collection of thoughtful essays punctuated by colorful images, a format which has now become common for architectural books. One essay in the book, titled “Wi-Fi Free Europe“, explores a scalable city plan for a typical European city with adjacencies based on modern internet technology.

Arguably, his most famous “built” work is, a memorial to the late comedian Andy Kaufman. The original proposal included many conceptual elements, including building a truck stop instead of St. Peter’s. Ultimately, the only part of the memorial that was actually built was a life-sized man on the surface of the moon. In fact, whether or not this portion was actually built remains a point of debate, since such a relatively small object cannot be easily seen from earth. In a critique titled “If you believed they put a man on the moon …”, architectural critics cite various technical and budgetary hurdles that would make such a memorial highly impractical to construct. This fake architect has remained coy on the subject, perhaps because the the question of whether there is actually a memorial or not is a fitting tribute to the comedy of Andy Kaufman.

Since the firms breakup in 2011, plans have been made to re-build all of their best buildings as part of a Greatest Hits collection. Fans have also been speculating about the possibility of a reunion building, but some (perhaps jaded by classic architecture firms such as The Eagles), are contending that reunion buildings are never very good and always more expensive than they’re worth.

Guess This Fake Architect (that’s him in the corner):

REM Koolhaas

R.E.M. Koolhaas

As always, leave suggestions for any future fake architects in the comments, tweet them to me, or post them on facebook.

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