Blog Update News

Nothing titillates like “update news”, so skip this one for now if you’re at work or anywhere where squealing in delight might be frowned upon. This includes Starbucks. Trust me.

First of all, check your address bar. That’s right, is the new wordpress-less destination for all your RMB needs. Just don’t forget the dash or you’ll end up somewhere else, and knowing the internet like I do, you probably don’t want to go there in a Starbucks unless you’re in the back corner. I’ve done almost no testing, but it seems like all the links to posts that start with still work.

So, why the switch from -arch to -design? Well, believe it or not, -design was my first choice, it was just already taken when I came to wordpress. I had a claim to this domain for a long time through godaddy and never actually utilized it. The reason I preferred the term “design” to “architecture” is because design is a more accessible term. The design process is something architects use, but so do painters, illustrators, writers, any creative person has a design process. I wanted to give myself the freedom to talk broadly about design. That, and “design” is way easier to spell than “architecture”.

Second, as you have probably noticed, I have a new look for the new address. The theme is called “Oulipo”. I liked how the essential site information shows up at the left even while you scroll. I also liked the simple layout. The font is a tad small for my taste, and a more competent blogger could probably figure out how to fix that, but I can live with it for now.

Finally, there are a couple of tweaks I have made. I added the dictionary page for your referencing pleasure. I also created a new youtube channel where I will be posting any new videos made for the site. To christen it, I uploaded some new, high-quality videos of me putting the existing conditions of my house into the computer. I went back and updated those posts, and links to those and the new youtube channel can be found below.

Youtube Channel: []

New and improved post #1: []

New and improved post #2: []

If this blog were a DVD, this post would be the digitally remastered bonus features disc nobody ever watches.


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