Before and After: February 2013 house work

This was a big weekend for the Bowman household! There were fabulous eatings out and cookings in, but probably of most interest is what got done around the house.

The exhaust fan in our bath never really worked so well, so it’s been on Angela’s wish list for quite some time. Like a lot of somewhat experienced do-it-yourselfers, I did some demo and then got intimidated. The before picture shows what you would see if you happened to look up while on the toilet in our bathroom for the last few months: a creepy, rusty box. This was marginally better than a decrepit exhaust fan, which is what was there until I figured out how to take it out. Anyway, after about four hours of contorting myself in those godforsaken eave spaces, cursing out whoever insists on screws that are not self-tapping, and no small amount of help from Angela, we finally ended up with a beautiful and functioning exhaust fan.

BA_Exhaust fan

Now that we are mostly done in the attic for the time being, I outfitted our hatch to the attic with a bit of cold protection. Before, the hatch door was just a half inch piece of plywood. Now, it’s a half inch piece of plywood with some rigid insulation on the back of it! It may not look like much, but just this small area being better insulated can save $25 every year.

BA_Attic hatch

I also wired up something called a “sound bar” for my TV. It’s supposed to simulate surround sound with just one “bar” of speakers and a subwoofer, instead of having to locate and install and run wires for 5 or 7 speakers plus a sub. I wish I could tell you it worked great, but I can’t because they didn’t include the right cord and nobody has a digital optical audio cable in stock. So, for now I just have a cool looking bar above my TV.

BA_Sound bar

And finally, there’s one other long overdue thing that I finally did this weekend: propose to my girlfriend! And she said, “alright”. I didn’t get a proper ring made for her yet; those two family rings will somehow become one.


Until then, thank you love-of-my life for making yesterday wonderful, the 5ish years before it great, and the next howevermany until I am dead amazing, too.

3 thoughts on “Before and After: February 2013 house work

  1. Congrats you too – loved the words under the ring picture, Ray. I am caught up on your blogs now and enjoying the heck out of them.


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