Architect Valentines 2013

I know it’s weird, but Valentine’s Day is becoming one of my favorite holidays. The Anti-Valentine’s Show on WYEP,  where they play 4 hours of songs about jilted lovers and heartbreak, has always been a highlight of music programming. And now, there’s #architectvalentines.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@raybowman) then that’s probably OK, because I really only tweet #architectvalentines once a year. Jody Brown writes Coffee with an Architect, and wrote a summary of this year’s best. I’m honored to have a few of mine make the list:

I don’t care what the Scale says, I love your French Curves – @raybowman

You’re the woman of my dr-Eames – @raybowman

You’re my one Ando-nly – @raybowman

I hope those pants are fire rated, because you are smokin’ – @raybowman

Head over to Jody Brown’s page (he’s a dude, by the way) to read the rest of the roundup, and stick around to read some of his other stuff, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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