New Year’s Resolutions

One of last year’s resolutions was to finally start a blog. It was one of my more successful resolutions, as I did not break a wild alpaca (#2 on last year’s list). While I think the blog has been successful, there’s always room to improve, so here are some things to expect in 2013.

  • Create a rmbarch channel on YouTube and upload higher-quality videos to update my video posts. The quality was OK, but could be better, and working with video is pretty fun, so moving forward I think it would be good to have higher quality stuff.
  • Fewer text-only posts. People seem to respond to images, so even the denser text-only posts should probably have a visual accompaniment.
  • Get a new theme. Themes are what wordpress calls the overall design of the site, and the one I’ve been using is called “Bueno”. I’ve had a good run with Bueno, but it’s starting to feel a bit stale, so I think it’s time for a change.
  • Consistently promote the posts on social media. I have a twitter account that I almost never use, I don’t always remember to put things up on facebook, and Google Plus is a whisper of a ghost of a memory to me. I already set up a facebook page for the blog [], so go over and “like” it if you haven’t already. I’ll also add a “contact” tab up there at the top (next to about) for all my other stuff, including an rmbarch email address sometime in the near future.
  • Lastly, I’d like to get a real domain for the site. I had one all picked out and paid for, but it was with GoDaddy, and I’ve been so pleased with wordpress that I canceled it so I could have everything in the same place. I’m still waiting for my domain to clear waivers (fantasy football reference), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Someday you’ll be able to simply type into your address bar and think “great, now I need to update my bookmarks”.

Those are the (blog related) goals I have this year. I’m going to keep my personal goals private so you can’t call me out when I don’t do them. So there.

Today’s post is late half on purpose (to be timely) and half because I was busy all yesterday turning these …


… into delicious appetizers for a party. Have a happy New Year, and if you haven’t already, there’s still time for sauerkraut.

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