rmbarch 2012 Year in Review

My first year of blogging is in the books and I want to do a little recap of how it all went. I’m pretty proud of sticking to my goal of putting up something new on every Monday of each week. This will be post number 55, since I extended AIA Convention and Washington DC coverage into a couple of posts. By the numbers, here are the top 6 posts of the year:

6. Why 6? So I could include the first of my favorite series of posts, Guess This Fake Architect (47 views). These are some of my favorite posts to do and I still have a couple of more up my sleeve, although I’m trying not to get too obscure. Given that people really only know like, 2 architects, that ship might have already sailed.

5. Aquaponics – Garden Table (49). I’m happy that some of my aquaponics ramblings turn up when people search the internet for it. I’m making progress on that front, so hopefully 2013 will have some actual plants and fish for people to look at when they visit the blog.

4. 4 Best Olympic Stadiums (52). This post I did sort of on a lark and I’ve been really happy with the consistent popularity of it. It seems like every week when I’m trolling my own stats, somebody ends up on this post when they were looking for Olympic Stadiums.

3. 4 New Brand Prototypes (55). This post does a good job of encapsulating what I try and do, which is be funny and also be reasonably good at architecture.

2. Washington D.C. – AIA Convention (67). I think I’d like to do more posts like these in the future, sort of like a correspondent-type thing. I need to be invited to more high-society affairs first.

1. Flow Chart Recipes – Crazy or Cool? (69). The popularity of this post baffles me quite a bit, but I’m not complaining. I think the final verdict is that they are obviously cool, even if they aren’t technically flow charts.

Dear pennyparsnip and alithearchitect: thank you for being (by far) my top two commenters! Dear everybody else: you don’t have to be a lady with an awesome blog to comment. You could be a dude with an awesome blog, too, or an omnisexual with an OK blog. Anybody, really.

On a similar note, there were no nominations for Reader’s Choice Award, so I have to infer from statistics. Based on “likes”, the honor goes to The Environmental Learning Center at Harrison Hills Park, with 8. Based on unique commenters (excluding myself), the honor goes to Holiday Tip – Modern key ring holder, with 2.

I want to highlight 3 posts this year that I think are indicative of my voice and this blog’s scope. They also were some of my earlier posts, so if you’re a new reader you should check them out. The first is Code Reviews Throughout the Centuries, which (like the brand prototypes) is written in a humorous tone over the backdrop of architecture. The other thing I personally like about this post is that when I first had the idea for it, I wanted to write one long review for the Colosseum, but realized that I wasn’t going to be able to stretch that one joke over 400 more words. I audibled at the last minute and I think the end result was way better than my original idea. The second is Designing my House – Part 1, because I had a lot of fun making that video, and I think over time the series of posts documenting me designing my house will be a really cool resource. And finally, I have a soft spot for What does a wedding dress have to do with Architecture? I like it because of the abstract connections between economics and architecture, and also because of the sweet non-sequiter about the Minnesota Wild.

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to read this blog in 2012, and I hope you keep on doing so. 

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