Sketches 01

Last week I mentioned my “sketchbook”, or lack thereof. Then this week past I cleaned up my desk at work and came across a few stray sketches. None of these sketches are works of art, to be sure, but I do take pride in my sketching just to stay sharp and because a neat, clear drawing is less likely to be misinterpreted. I thought I’d share a few of them this week, since the coincidence was so happy. If sketches aren’t your thing, skip to the bottom, I want your input on something.

Sketches01_Pencil Holder

This might be the oldest sketch of the bunch. I was considering my need for both a place to hold pens and a place to hold business cards, so I sketched this little number out. It would be made from a single piece of folded metal. The business cards lay underneath it.


I sketched this pattern out the other day while I was on a conference call. It’s mostly just a random doodle, but I was thinking of a brick pattern and how to represent it without actually outlining the bricks. If you can’t see it, back off a little from the screen. Keep going. Didn’t your mom ever tell you that you’d ruin your eyes sitting so close?

Sketches01_Book Nook

This was me working out the geometries for that there reading nook I talked about last week. As is the case with most thought-out designs, there are no “random” shapes. A good design has reasons for all the angles and lengths, in this case driven by ergonomics and lighting.

I also lied slightly when I said I didn’t keep a sketchbook. I do most of my sketching at the office, but when I sketch things at home I have a book that I keep. Here’s a few from there.

Sketches01_Shading Studies

I went through my things when we moved in and found some of my nice Micron pens from school and did a couple of shading exercises. I’ve always been a fan of pencils and pens, I never got real into watercolors or charcoals.

Sketches01_Bsmt Field Notes

That’s a robust drawing from when Angela and I measured the house. If you go back and watch the video of me putting my house into Revit, you can see me taking this information and putting it into the computer. On the right are some presumptive wall sections, and above is a detail of the steel beam we have so I could figure out what W-section it was.

Note: these sketches were minimally edited for clarity, to crop out information and bring up brightness and contrast. Next week’s post will be a sort of year-end wrap-up type-thing. If you had a favorite post or two or three from the year, let me know in the comments so I can  get a sense of what a “reader’s choice” award might be. If you hated all of them then go ahead and skip the comments.

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