Taking Advantage: Inside and Out

This weekend was a good weekend for the house. We were able to take advantage of a bunch of opportunities all at once.

First: the weather was really great all weekend, up over 65. Knowing these kinds of weekends don’t come often after October, we decided to try and get our front planting beds in shape for the spring. As I’ve mentioned before, under all of the mulch, pumice and trash bags (yes, trash bags) is solid clay. So I read up a bit online about how to combat that, and decided to try and till in some sand to help loosen it up and get some drainage. We put in half a yard of coarse sand and a yard of organic compost, since we had some room on top after getting rid of the mulch and pumice. I don’t have any pictures of this, since it was dirt before and is dirt now. Hopefully, though, it will be more workable dirt than the clay was. I’ll let you know when we take trowels to it in the spring.

Then, while we had the truck, we went and took a look at a buffet I found on craigslist. I’ve had an eye out for a while now, trying to find a piece of furniture to put underneath our huge front window, and this was the first promising lead. Turns out it was a beautiful piece in great shape, so we are now the proud owners of this wonderful mid-century buffet …

… shown with the cat that will eventually shred those legs. I apologize for the really bad pictures, my phone was really upset with the general lack of light. But here are some detail shots anyway:

I think it’s really cool that instead of just a boring butt joint, they mitered the vertical piece in, seen at the bottom right there. Also, notice the trim at the drawer fronts, not just a single piece of wood.

Same thing at the top, instead of one slab, the edges are trimmed and mitered. It’s a really great find and I’ll actually be sad when the cats destroy this one, unlike the dining room table which I don’t lose sleep over.

The biggest reason we were looking for a buffet here was so that we could take advantage of this light and try some plants in the window. So here’s the first group, a bunch of succulents that everyone tells me are hard to kill:

That’s all! See you next week, when the weather promises to be more November-ish.

2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage: Inside and Out

    • I hear that the inclination is to overwater succulents. We will see. I have kept a cactus alive once before. But if things go downhill, I’ll happily take on an invincible plant.


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