Quarterly Design Roundup – Fall 2012

Some may say it’s a bit late for a Fall roundup, but I think it’s still appropriate. Besides, it’s not getting less winter out. Click the images to see the sources.

I always like to see how modern buildings interface with historic architecture. Some add on gingerly, others boldly challenge it, and still others hover over it somewhat menacingly, like the Unilever Nederland BV above, by JHK Architecten [archdaily.com]

Bo Li and Ge Men, winners of the IVA Showcase 2012, created a really compelling proposal for an installation commemorating villages in Switzerland that were buried in landslides. [velux.com]

Here’s an excellent essay on “style” from Design Observer. It’s long, but you can read it in little chunks if you want. [designobserver.com]

With respect to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the above is a collection of vases inspired by loss. [design-milk.com]

And lastly, another memoriam: Lebbeus Woods passed away on Oct 30. His work has been a sort of conceptual reflection of the profession of architecture as a whole for many years.


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