Guess this fake architect, vol. 4

It’s about time for another volume of Guess This Fake Architect! Catch up with the first 3 below. And remember, save the underlined citations for last if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

GTFA – Vol. 1
GTFA – Vol. 2
GTFA – Vol. 3

This fake architect is one of the leading women in architecture (the first with a Pritzker Prize), and also one of the most controversial.

While this fake architect doesn’t have a singular style, all of her work is a product of the digital age. This can be seen in her award-winning commission for the museum of sexuality, MaXXXi. Here is an excerpt from a critic’s evaluation:

The entire building is a love embrace overlapping planes, contorting themselves to meet one another in sensual curves. This can be read as the way outdated stances sex, sexuality and gender identity struggle to resolve themselves into one coherent attitude in society’s collective unconscious. Or it could be read as a bunch of people doin’ it.

Her genius, however, can sometimes be overshadowed by her shocking publicity stunts. MAXXXI is well regarded in architectural circles, but the public at large is most familiar with her building made entirely of meat.

This fake architect is perhaps most highly regarded in the GLBT community. She cemented her status as a GLBT icon with her collection of essays published in 2011, titled Built This Way. Here’s an excerpt from the eponymous essay:

It doesn’t matter if you love me or capital M-I-E-S / just put your pens up / ’cause you were built this way, baby … A different lover is not a sin / Believe in capital H-I-M / I love my life, I love this essay and / firmitas, utilitas, et venustas

You love or hate this fake architect, but her influence on the profession cannot be denied.

Guess This Fake Architect:


Lady Gaha Hadid

As always, leave any bright ideas for future fake architects in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Guess this fake architect, vol. 4

    • Well done! Yeah, I always put the answer under the picture. The picture is sort of a last warning. But well done just the same. I thought Zaha Hadid would be pretty esoteric for non-architects. Then again, I thought everyone knew I.M. Pei, so my RADARch is pretty bad, I guess.


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