4 New Brand Prototypes

Wendy’s has been rolling out a new prototype, using a style ostensibly based on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. It must be pretty successful, because I’ve been noticing some other places doing the same thing.

Brand: Hooters

Inspiration: Buddhist Stupa
Why it works: The overall shape really works with the uh, Hooters … brand.
Why it doesn’t: Customers have to circumambulate for 9 hours before they can enter.

Brand: McDonalds

Inspiration: Baroque
Why it works: Tie-in with new Dollar Menu slogan, “Prices that won’t make you go Baroque!”
Why it doesn’t: Pretty much did it just to make that pun.

Brand: Hot Topic

Inspiration: Gothic Cathedrals
Why it works:  Adopting centuries old building styles and techniques enables Hot Topic to parry attacks on not being “authentic”.
Why it doesn’t: Takes 130 years to build each store.

Brand: Subway

Inspiration: Frank Gehry
Why it works: Efficiency; Subway now has more locations worldwide than any other restaurant. Subway was able to crumple enough tissues to serve as models for all of these locations in an hour.
Why it doesn’t: No doors.

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