Blog Milestone: 1000 views

These kinds of posts tend to be pretty self-pleasuring, so I’ll keep it short. But it’s my damn blog and I’m proud to hit 1,000 views, so I want to brag a little bit, and share some of the cool stuff from my stats.

Most popular post: Flow Chart Recipes: Crazy or Cool?
Most views in a day: 50. This was also the day that I published the above post. Unrelated: this will be a cooking blog from now on.
Views/Day average: 4. Not so bad.

Share of views from the US: 76.8%. No surprise that the US is the runaway winner in locations, but …
2nd most popular country: Singapore (1.7%), followed by Canada (1.6%), Thailand (1.2%), the UK (1.0%) and Australia (0.9%)
Total number of countries represented: 22

Search Engines
Most popular single term: “woolslare”. This was one of the artists at the Arts Festival.
Popular search topics: Aquaponics (20), Olympic Stadiums (12), Kopper’s Tower (5), Key ring holder (5), which includes the very charming term “key ring ideas for parents day”, and finally, Flow Chart Recipes (4). Guess I’m not so crazy after all.
Three favorite search terms: “lincoln memorial voyeur” – That’s a niche market there. I wish them luck. “hd aviators commercial nod head” – This person was trying to catch up on the latest dance craze. And since I can’t decide, here are two from the “almost poetry” category – “square and round universe”, and “feelings of nostalgia with physical manifestation”. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

That’s it! Thanks to everybody who helped me reach this milestone, and keep reading! They keep getting better! And by better I mean more boring. Seriously, who wants to read about “theory” and “emergence” and all that other garbage. Nobody. So come back on Monday for a great chili recipe! Ole!

September 12 update: This inexplicably became my most “liked” post the day it went up. Next “blogging milestone” will be at 1,030 views!


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