Guess this fake architect, vol. 3

For this and future GTFA posts, I am going to start citing sources. If you’re playing along at home, avoid the underlined text if you don’t want to give it away. Don’t know the rules? Check out the first and second volumes:

GTFA – Vol. 1
GTFA – Vol. 2

This fake architect is a member of family who, including his brother and father, have been designing at the elite level since 1971.

He was drafted in 1998, tasked with turning around the fortunes of a struggling Indianapolis firm. There he delivered beyond expectations, even bringing to the franchise a Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honor, in 2006. Throughout his career, this architect has earned buildings in nearly every major architectural category, from city halls to concert halls, even towers. He is perhaps most dominant in the museum category, contributing such masterpieces as the East Building of the National Gallery and Le Grand Louvre.

Because of complications during recovery from wrist surgery, this architect was unable to design for the entire 2011-2012 season. His firm struggled greatly in his absence and the defeats (such as the Hancock Tower) continued to pile up. With the end of his career looming and a promising prospect in the 2012 draft class, he was cut during a tearful press conference in 2012. He continues to practice in Denver.

While he is certainly a future Architecture Hall of Famer, debates rage over whether he or his brother is the better architect. His brother has more Pritzker Prizes to his name, but this architect is not only statistically better in nearly every category, he is also arguably the more valuable designer, evidenced by his firms abysmal performance without him.

Guess This Fake Architect:

I.M. Peiton Manning

This suggestion for a fake architect came from Nate Lewis. If you have any equally brilliant suggestions, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Guess this fake architect, vol. 3

  1. Reblogged this on ali.the.architect and commented:
    Absolutely hilarious! Good friend and fellow archie, Ray, operates a great blog that provides humor and education for building lovers like us. Even if you’re not a arch. history buff, his “guess this fake architect” series is an outstandingly silly brain teaser. This volume had me laughing out loud.


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