PKN Pittsburgh vol. 12

This is (not exactly) the presentation I did at PKN Pittsburgh vol. 12. I recorded the presentation that I gave, but unfortunately, I was stymied by the venue. This volume of Pecha Kucha night was held at the Union Project, which is in a converted church. This space is probably really great for all their fun-sounding classes, but not so great for giving a presentations to a group. There are a bunch of really high ceilings and hard surfaces, and nothing but big noisy fans to stave off the worst part of a heat wave. Still, a converted church was better than the two alternative venues they had, because a volcanic cave would have been a bit too echo-y and hot, while a dusty old tunnel would have been not quite hot and echo-y enough. The recording I made that night was really frustrating to listen to, so I’m sparing you by recording it again. The only thing you’ll miss out on are the huge gales of laughter and long stretches of thunderous applause. That’s why I used a Studio Audience soundboard to fill them in! Complete with annoying mouse clicking to turn the sounds on and off!

Enjoy the bonus post this week about the Three River’s Arts Festival. Also, I edited last weeks post to include a picture of the clambake after it was done. Now you can be as jealous as everyone else who was using the public grills.

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