Holiday Tip – Cover Plate Labels

Memorial Day is a time for hamburger eating and beer drinking and yard work and beer drinking. A short, sweet post will keep everybodys holiday relaxing. Here’s a quick tip for keeping your electrical panel organized.

Every breaker panel has a couple lines for each circuit for you to illegibly scribble what might or might not be on that circuit. This usually leads you you shutting off every circuit in the house before finding the one for the light fixture that you want to replace. Instead of writing it on the electrical panel, write it on the back of the cover plate for your switches or outlets instead:


This way, the next time you need to shut off the power to a specific outlet or fixture, you can just take off the cover plate to see which circuit you have to turn off. You could take an hour out of your day to do this all at once, or just remember to do it the next time you find yourself switching off circuits in the house. Always double check anyway, electricity is a cruel mistress.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!


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