Quarterly Design Roundup – Spring 2012

I accumulate things I want to talk about on here, and not everything can be fleshed out into its own post. So I’m starting a little roundup where I can share them every so often. Enjoy, and feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments.

Those photos up there of mixing ink in water by Alberto Seveso are pretty incredible. [design-milk.com]

Not sure what to serve at your next dinner party? Pair drinks with the music you want to play at drinkify.org. Thanks to Greg Tanski for that, here’s the link if you want to check out his portfolio.

I saw Nicole Atkins in concert recently, and she was great. The album tracks have some dense orchestral arrangements, so I was briefly worried when I learned it would be an acoustic set. She did not disappoint, her voice completely filled up Mr. Small’s and made for an awesome show. I got her to sign a poster for me (with a heart!!!), and the artwork for the posters is pretty cool, too. She hand-painted some tote bags, which don’t appear to be for sale on her site, so if you’re a tote bag person, bring an extra $30 to her show and get hooked up.

Video bonus round: My one minute review of the Caterpillar House by Feldman Architects:

Dishonerable mention: Carlashes? GTFO. [http://www.carlashes.co.za/]

That’s it for this season. See you in the summer.


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