4 of my favorite little things

I’m calling it now; four is the new seven, which was the new ten. Let me give you the progression: “10 best classic Nickelodeon shows”, “7 things I hate about Miley Cyrus”, “4 of my favorite little things”. Get with it now before 4 jumps the shark and becomes 3. Alright, anyways, everybody knows that if you can take pleasure in the little things, it makes life a lot easier. These are a few of the little things that I like.

Pilot P500 Pens

If you talk with an architect for long enough, they’ll tell you about their favorite writing utensil. This tells you two things about architects: A, like any tradesperson, they have strong opinions about their tools, and B, stay out of conversations with more than one architect because they start talking about boring shit like pens. My pick for best pen is the Pilot P500. I first discovered them at the place I first interned at, Fukui Architects, and I’ve been rationing a dwindling supply of them ever since. The shaft that you grip is ribbed for your (listening) pleasure because it makes a cool glockenspiel sound when you remove and replace the cap. The tip is very fine for detail work, but you can actually get a pretty thick line out of it depending on how you hold it. It also makes a satisfying scritch-a-scratch sound when you use it. Based on this review, you should buy this pen if you crave an incredible sonic experience while you draw.

(Author’s note: If you didn’t think this review was involved enough, check this site out.)

Valu Time Cookies

I know what you’re thinking, and you just have to trust me on this one. One look at them and you know what shelf they’re on: the very bottom, under those horrible cookies that look like doilies, under the overrated Oreos, right next to the bag of “Fruited Loops”. Go with the vanilla ones so that you don’t turn your teeth black, which is a dead giveaway when you open your mouth to answer questions like “did you just eat 18 cookies?” and “are you sure you can be trusted around an open bag of snacks?”. If you click on the picture, someone rates them as a D+, but I think that’s based on something stupid like “nutritional value”. If you put some peanut butter on them, they’re a guarateed A+!

(Author’s note: This will be remembered an ominous first sign of something.)

Taking a Ride

Road trips are something that everyone considers taking at some point, and I’m no exception. I remember planning our senior trip in high school, planning on buying a short school bus and plotting a route that would hit every continental state. Naturally, that fell through, and my count of “states that I’ve breathed real, non-airport air in” stands at something in the neighborhood of 17ish. Nothing to be too proud of. The above photo is an artfully cropped bit of a ride I took on my motorcycle on one of the first warm weekends of the year.

(Author’s note: Here’s a paraphrased version of a commercial that plays on the radio around here: “Riding a motorcycle is like trying to describe the taste of chocolate, it just feels good. Also like chocolate, it will kill you and scatter your limbs about the land.” Still not sure what that commercial is for.)

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts

This one is probably even nerdier than the pen thing, so consider yourself warned. AutoCAD has a command line, which I love, but a lot of their commands require both hands to type, which means letting go of the mouse. So when I first started using Revit, I decided to map all of my Revit shortcuts so that I can type them with my left hand only so I never have to let go of the mouse, resulting in efficiency gains of .03% (estimated). This is all well and good until I have to get on someone else’s computer and nothing works and I look like a fool, resulting in efficiency losses of 41%, not to mention replacement costs of keyboards I smash in a rage.

(Author’s note: If you also make your own shortcuts and want to discuss your system, then we should get out more.)

3 thoughts on “4 of my favorite little things

  1. Valu Time cookies OH YES. Best is when the Bird has them on sale for $1.50 or something. Granted, the regular price of $2.25 for an inordinate amount of cookies is nothing to scoff at either. I usually opt for mix pack that has both the chocolate and the vanilla. Tons of winning going on there.


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