Guess this fake architect, vol. 1

Alright, here’s how this game is going to work. I mash up an architect’s name with a celebrity’s name, in the style of “before and after” on Wheel of Fortune. Then I write a bio for what this fictional architect might have accomplished if he or she were around. The name is at the bottom, so scroll carefully or you’ll ruin the surprise. Let’s try a practice round:

Proprietors of one of the most unique firms in history, these two siblings managed to make huge strides in two areas, architecture and aviation. They shocked the world at the turn of the 20th century with the world’s first flying sitting room, prompting derision from the skeptical press, such as this headline from the New York Morning Post: “PARLOR” TRICKS: FLYING BEACH CHAIR IMPRESSES NO-ONE. The brothers were able to capture some imaginations, though, and set up a school to advance their scholarship. Taliesin East, located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, was well-known for it’s challenging first semester project, where students built their own ambitious tent-gliders as their living quarters. Eventually, entire compact houses were flying about, as the brothers perfected what is now called the Huffman Prairie Style.

Guess these fake architects:

The Frank Lloyd Wright Brothers

So now that you get the idea, let’s do one more.

This man was a pioneering force in modern architecture, distilling buildings down to their “skin and bones”. This is evident in one of his signature pieces, a residence for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, located in the flood plain of Dawson’s Creek. His ideas spread beyond architecture, as in this quote in a landscape designer’s memoir:

[He] arrived at the gallery opening the night before and studied the model of what I was then calling the Hill of Many Trees. I watched, horrified, as he reached out and plucked one of the trees out as though it were a feather. He asked, “Do you not still experience the essence that is tree?” I began to nod as he pulled tree after tree out of the hill, until there were but two left. He patted my shoulder and said, smiling, “I think you know the rest”, and walked away. I pulled out the last tree, leaving just one. Without [him], there would have been no One Tree Hill.

He continued to innovate, design and refine until the age of 83, his productivity in his later years curtailed by a severe form of depression known colloquially as the Varsity Blues. His bust is preserved, alongside a collection of many others, in a gallery curated by Ke$ha.

Guess this fake architect:

Ludwig Mies van der Beek

There you have it! I’m more excited about this game than I maybe should be. If you have any fake architects that you want covered in a future post, leave suggestions in the comments below. Until next time!

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