Designing my House – Part 2

More of me putting my house into Revit. This will conclude the existing conditions, which means the next bit will be designing. Gasp!

Director’s commentary: The squeak at 6:05 is my language tutor saying goodbye. She is a dolphin.

When I finished exporting this and listened to it one last time, I thought that the volume was too low. So I tried to increase it, but it was already at maximum. I went on a mad search for a couple of free programs to increase the volume on the audio track. Turns out, the volume was fine and my speakers were turned down. Dumb.

To get in the right frame of mind, I listen to nothing but the band Crowded House before recording this. And, Our House (in the middle of the street). And House of the Rising Sun. And (She’s a) Brick House. And Burnin’ Down the House. And that’s enough.

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